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Success Stories

Sierra O'Neal
“RW2 is a great opportunity for anyone looking to continue their education in the CAD or BIM sector. To all the mothers or women in general you would have the support of a lot of people who truly care if you make it and who are willing to help you figure out a way to get your certificate even with kids or a work schedule. RW2’s goal is to get you to the next level, and I encourage anybody seeking an opportunity to grow in your current or a new career field to give the RW2 Community a try ! You will not regret becoming the best version of you.
RW2 Grad, Class of 2023
David Lugo
Awesome team! Long overdue for review... I found them online and from orientation to being in class it was an ongoing experience. I have no computer skills. [The instructor] was patient and very informative. Awesome person and teacher. Keep up the good work! I was able to walk away with enough to shape my new career. Also, thank you, Joy! Even though you have so much going on, you took time to make sure I had what I needed and then some. Greatly appreciate the opportunity, people here are genuine. I will definitely refer RW2!
RW2 Grad, Class of 2022


Resiliency at Work 2.0 Career and Technical Education (RW2) helps prepare people and skill up for high-demand careers in the technically skilled workforce, even without a degree. An RW2 education is also about success through Resiliency in life and work!

RW2 is located in the Kansas City, Missouri Region. The School, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, EIN 83-2645050, is certified by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development (MDHEWD).

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