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About Resiliency at Work 2.0 (RW2)

RW2 emphasizes resiliency because resiliency is the best predictor of success in school and in the workplace.
RW2 is also a nonprofit proprietary school certified by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development (MDHEWD).

Risk-Free: Take the first two weeks of training at no cost.
Real-World: Learn with and from industry-experienced instructors.
Resiliency: Increase personal and workplace success.
Referrals: Ready for a career opportunity and/or further education.

Course Logistics


  • Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) – 14 weeks
  • Revit for Building Information Modeling (BIM) – 15 weeks
  • Cybersecurity (Information Security) – 24 weeks

All times below are Central Standard Time zone.
Spring/Fall/Winter: CADD & Revit for BIM – Monday – Thursday, 9am – 12:45pm (day);
   5:30pm – 9:15pm (evening).
Summers: Monday – Thursday, 9:30am – 2:15pm (day); 5:30pm – 9:45pm (evenings).
Spring/Fall/Winter: Cybersecurity – Monday – Thursday, 9am – 1:45pm (day); 
   5:00pm – 9:45pm (evening).

Must be at least a high school junior or older. If not in high school, you must have earned a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent credential. Classes include live instructors. Online classes are accessed via Zoom. Moodle, a learning resource platform, is also used to obtain course materials,  submit assignments, grades, and other resources.

Technical and soft skills are both part of the programming. Soft skills, e.g., business ethics, communication, resume updates, and interviewing skills. Soft skills sessions take place the first four weeks of class and are on the same day as technical skill classes.

During the training, access to the network or software is provided. Autodesk products for CADD and Revit for BIM are used. 

A computer with a camera, microphone and a computer mouse are also needed. Computer Specifications – 16 GB RAM minimum, Operating System 64 bit, Windows 7 or higher or MAC OS X. MAC computers are compatible with AutoCAD but NOT Revit software without a special connection. Internet access is also required.

Architectural scale/ruler and graph paper may be needed for CADD. Internet access, computer with camera and microphone and a computer mouse are required for online classes.


The basic focus is on 2-D drafting and drawing with some limited exposure to 3-D. Hands-on projects include geometric construction, various projections, sections, auxiliaries, dimensioning, sketching, and detail drawings that are practiced and applied utilizing CADD procedures. (No prior experience, certification, or degree required.)

The basic focus is on architectural planning and design in line with Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques. Fundamental design methods and practices for the creation of architectural drawings are taught. Topics involve the development of floor plans, elevations, sections of building projects including Scope Boxes.

The basic focus in on coding fundamentals through an approachable, block-based programming language and environments that reinforce coding fundamentals. Text-based programming is introduced through the Python® programming language. Computational thinking practices and collaboration strategies, as well as industry standard tools that reflect how professionals work as information or security systems analysts.

RW2 instructors have actual industry experience in the programs offered and actual teaching and/or training experience.

Tuiton & Fees

The full cost for:

  • CADD starts at $3,600.
  • Revit/BIM starts at $4,000.
  • Cybersecurity starts at $7,900.

All-inclusive: tuition, textbook, e-resources, network or software access. A $500 deposit for CADD and BIM is deposit is due by week three. A $600 nonrefundable deposit for Cybersecurity is due by week one. Ask about our no interest payment plans for individuals only. Company-sponsored and third-party payments are different. Please see our Tuition & Fees page for more information.

  1. Full payments accepted.
  2. Payment plan options are available. 
  3. An initial deposit is required.

See the payment plan information. Scholarships and discounts may be available as well.


Completion Requirements

The education and training leads to certificates of completion. Participants are also prepared to sit for Autodesk Certified User Exams for CADD and Revit, which are optional and not included in the tuition and fees. Cybersecurity participants receive some preparatory information for CompTIA exam certification. Completion includes meeting the attendance requirements for the respective program; earning a 2.0 GPA (C) or better; having a portfolio or samples of work; and an updated resume reflecting the RW2 education and training.

Career Placement & Assistance

Placement assistance is provided and contingent upon satisfying all requirements for completion. Through our career preparation curriculum, students receive assistance with resumes, job search strategies, and interviewing. Graduates are actively promoted to various employers to assist in securing employment. (RW2 does not guarantee employment placement.)

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