RW2 Career and Technical Education’s Sixth Graduation: Celebrating Success

We are thrilled to share with you the highlights of the sixth graduation ceremonies of RW2 Career and Technical Education. This year, the event was held online, but that did not dampen the spirit of celebration and success. As we look back on that momentous day, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for our graduates, who have worked hard to reach this milestone. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive the unforgettable moments of the ceremony.

Understanding RW2 Career and Technical Education

RW2 Career and Technical Education is more than just an institution; it’s a beacon of opportunity, especially for those yearning to acquire market-ready skills in the digital world. As the nation’s first African-American and woman-owned private career and technical school, RW2 holds a unique position in the education landscape.

Not only is it a testament to diversity and inclusivity, but it also signifies the tremendous strides made towards providing quality and affordable education to all, regardless of their background.

RW2 offers a variety of programs that have received certification from the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development (MDHEWD) in order to give students the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields. The MDHEWD has also recognized RW2 as an eligible training provider, affirming its commitment to facilitating skill development and contributing to the economy.

But the benefits of RW2 extend beyond these certifications. Students who study here can take advantage of transferable credits. This flexibility allows students to continue their education and career journey without missing a beat.

With its focused programs and innovative approach to education, RW2 is setting a standard for career and technical education across the nation. As we celebrate the accomplishments of our sixth graduating class, we also celebrate the steadfast commitment of RW2 Career and Technical Education to fostering an enriching and empowering learning environment for its students.

The Order of Events and Highlights

The ceremony commenced with our esteemed Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms. Jill Johnson from the RW2 Board of Directors, setting the tone for the event. She guided us through the Virtual Processional of Candidates, a heartfelt tribute to the graduating class, set to the tune of ‘Pomp & Circumstance No. 1’.

The Board of Directors, RW2 Staff, and Administration were then acknowledged for their unwavering support and contributions.

A review of the RW2 Training and Certification was presented, reminding us all of the diligent work put forth by our students.

Next, our keynote speaker, Mr. Mark Anderson, Senior Information Security Manager at Compass Minerals, shared his inspiring words and invaluable industry insights.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the recognition of our graduates, a moment made memorable by Ms. Jill Johnson’s heartfelt words.

The ceremony ended with a resounding round of applause, echoing our collective congratulations for our graduates’ accomplishments. This virtual celebration was indeed a testament to the resilience and dedication of our students, staff, and faculty.

Recognizing the RW2 Graduates of CADD, Revit for BIM, and Cybersecurity Programs

It’s now time to shine a spotlight on our talented graduates who have successfully completed the rigorous programs at RW2. These individuals have demonstrated their dedication and determination to master the skills in their chosen fields, and we are immensely proud of their accomplishments.

Let’s start with our graduates from the Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) program. They have mastered the art of creating precise 2D and 3D technical drawings and designs, equipping them with the skills they need to stand out in today’s digital age.

Next, we honor our graduates from the Revit for Building Information Modeling (BIM) program. Their proficiency in using Revit software to create detailed architectural designs and structures truly sets them apart in the architectural and engineering sectors.

Last but not least, we salute our graduates from the Cybersecurity-Information Security program. Their comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity principles and techniques enables them to defend against cyber threats and secure digital information.

Congratulations to all our CADD, Revit for BIM, and Cybersecurity graduates; you are indeed the digital leaders of tomorrow.

A Message to the Graduates

As we close this chapter of the student educational journey, our keynote speaker, Mr. Mark Anderson, succinctly summed up the essence of their experience with the theme of his address: “Resiliency: The Key to Success in the Classroom and the Workplace.” With the skills they’ve acquired and the resilience they’ve demonstrated, the graduates are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Remember, it’s not just about the knowledge you’ve gained but also the character you’ve built. Take pride in your achievements, for they are a testament to your resilience. Hold firm to the principles of hard work, dedication, and determination that you’ve honed at RW2.

And most importantly, continue to persevere and adapt in the face of adversity; this is the key to long-term success. Today, you’ve proven to the world that you are not just graduates of RW2 Career and Technical Education but leaders ready to shape the digital world. Congratulations once again, and here’s to your continued success.

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